The Heritage Plantation HOA meetings are held on the third Tuesday of every month at 6pm at Carriage House and are open to all Current Residents.

HOA Mission Statement:
“To provide effective and efficient management of the finances, amenities, common grounds, appearance and social events for the HP community.”

2022 Board
From Left: Jake Dew, Demetra Williams, Paul Collins, Andy Young, Brad Easterwood, Kaye Goldthorpe, Pat Glenn, and Jim Scala.

Andy Young (President/Grounds Chairman)

Kaye Goldthorpe (Vice President/Pool Chairwoman)

Pat Glenn (Treasurer/Facilities Chairwoman)

Brad Easterwood (Secretary/Communications Chairman)

Dave Trueb (ARC Chairman)

Jim Scala (Covenants Chairman)

Demetra Williams (Events Chairwoman)

Paul Collins (Fitness Chairman)

Jake Dew (Security Chairman)